MilkSure Monitoring Technology monitors the performance of milk chilling and storage systems on New Zealand Dairy Farms.

Benefits to you:

  • Enables compliance with the MPI standard
  • Accurate recording of temperature data
  • Ability to react quickly to any temperature issues
  • Simple installation
  • Cost effective
  • Programmable to individual requirements
  • Easy to read graphical representation of data (Excel)

MilkSure continuously monitors the following:

Milk-in Temperature

Monitors and logs the temperature of the milk after the primary milk chiller unit and before it goes into the vat.

Vat Temperature

Monitors the temperature of the milk in the vat.

MilkSure performs 4 functions:


LCD Touch screen displays milk temperatures and indicates milking is underway to start logging.


Data logs temperatures and milking cycles for up to 2 years.


Alarms can be set to notify when milk temperature is not compliant to the MPI standards.


TXT message alarm notification and cloud based data handling (MilkSure Plus only).

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