How MilkSure works:


  • LCD screen displays temperatures
  • Icon displays if the milk chiller is running
  • Touch screen interface menu allows the user to configure alarm on/off, set points and TXT mobile number.

The MilkSure LCD screen displays the Milk-in temperature in degrees Celsius on the left hand side, and the Vat temperature on the right hand side.

If either temperature is above its alarm temperature setting, then the temperature reading will flash.

An icon on the screen will go solid to indicate that milking has commenced (from external input) above each temperature reading.

An alarm indicator (red) flashes at the top centre of the screen whenever an alarm occurs.

Touching the alarm indicator on the screen, presents another screen indicating where the alarm has been triggered and allows the alarm(s) to be reset.

A Menu button at the bottom centre of the screen allows the user to configure operation of the MilkSure Monitor.


MilkSure continuously takes snapshots of the operational data and records the following:

  • Date and Time
  • Milk-in temperature
  • Vat temperature
  • Milking start and finish times¹.

¹ Requires external auxiliary input.

MilkSure records when external input indicates when milking has commenced or a temperature changes more than 1 degree C.

If there is no change, MilkSure will record once every 15 minutes.

Data is recorded on a USB memory stick plugged in to the front of the MilkSure unit – If the USB memory stick has been removed, the data will be recorded to the internal memory*.

The data is stored in a .CSV file, which is readily viewable as text or opened by any Spread-Sheet app such as Microsoft Excel. Records are appended chronologically with the newest records at the bottom of the file.

*The backlog of data is automatically moved to the USB memory stick, from the internal memory, as soon as the USB is plugged in again. Because there is a limit to the internal memory (at most 2 weeks worth of recording) – it is important the USB device is plugged back in to the front of the MilkSure unit as soon as possible to prevent possible loss of data.


  • Ability to set alarm limits for Milk-in and Vat temperature.

Alarm limits are set for Milk-in temperature and Vat temperature. If either exceed their alarm temperature, for longer than the “alarm delay” time, then an alarm occurs.

The alarm indicator (red) will display on the top centre of the screen.

An additional alarm (optional) such as a warning light and/or sounder is also activated.


  • Flashing LCD screen indicator alerts user to temperature issues
  • TXT alert message is sent to the user if there are any issues with the temperature*
  • Cloud based data access provides simple user interface to review temperature trends over time*
  • Customised presentation of data for simple record keeping and MPI compliance.*

* MilkSure Plus Only

MilkSure Features
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